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Water purification agents have been concerned about the issu

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   water purification industry is a sunrise industry and low threshold. However, the entry barrier is low does not mean that success is easy. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, many companies do her best to favorable conditions to attract agents, however, do business after all, not sitting in money, water purification agents need to think twice.



   First, agents have always been concerned about the brand of the product, because the product is the core of the benefits produced, the main consideration product maturity and personality.

   Second, the price of the product, reasonable prices is an important factor so that agents get the best profits.

   Third, the brand management of capacity, because there is a good product but lack business management capabilities, its growth is not sustained growth force, agents will not be willing to operate a a year or two brands will disappear.

   Fourth, modern brand competition in the market has not only limited products, image and other hardware requirements, but is concerned that companies can provide continuous service capabilities for consumers. That terminal sales skills, service, quality assurance, consumer brands can bring the spirit of enjoyment and other services, but also the most difficult to achieve, but it is in the choice of test agents operating brands can effectively brand a going concern important reason.

   Fifth, the choice of a mature brand, its business in the market for many years, the countrys broader coverage, welcomed by consumers, the conditions required for the agents of relatively high, and later as agents in the choice of a mature brand when the opportunity is relatively small. However, all roads lead to Rome, if you are able to find a new brand, and to focus on this new brand has the potential, ultimately through their own efforts can get the maximum benefit in return.

   Of course, the investment is risky, particularly investment in new water purifier brand, because a new water purifier brand in the market from the launch will take some time to mature, that is, says a new brand in the market accepted by consumers generally need up to two years,So when we must choose a new brand from the above aspects to consider the reasons for brand choice.

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