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There is no need to install home water purifi- Fresh wat plu

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   Now all kinds of serious water pollution throughout the country, often news broke that a certain area of 鈥嬧€媟iver water contaminated failed, can not help but worry about the usual domestic water problems. Luckily, we have a great country! These problems can be solved! But we should also pay attention to the usual water problem. So for people of clean water issues, focused on the development of water treatment equipment products add fresh water to a new tankless pipeline machine.



   also known as line pipe machine dispenser, pipeline machine with ordinary household water purifiers difference is that the machine can be satisfied line hot film heating technology, rapid hot water. Fresh water was added tankless pipeline machine corrosion, high temperature, i.e. thermal pipeline machine and no liner, and maintenance does not need to spend time cleaning the interior, will not have repeated boiling phenomenon, to prevent dry, first filter after heating, safe and durable. Direct plug can be used 24 hours without having to shut down, drink a cup of warm water anytime, anywhere.

   three seconds fast heat function add fresh water tankless water pipeline machine can meet the needs of home and office environments. That burn the drink, no need to wait too much time in the boiling water, take a cup of hot water time will be able to connect, save time and save trouble. Machine has a five-speed line temperature control, the temperature can be adjusted to room temperature, 45 掳, 65 掳, 85 掳, 100 掳. To meet the different water needs. It can also be adjusted out of water. Products using the smart button design, Led screen display, simple operation. And it features intelligent voice control.

   Fresh water is added tankless pipeline machine compared with the traditional fountain more compact size, wall-mounted and more space-saving, but also with the old-fashioned not conveyed as bottled water dispenser, avoid bottled water pollution problems occur.

   use tankless pipeline machine not only make our lives more convenient, more water is for us a guarantee. Healthy living, plus choice of fresh water.

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