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Water efficiency labeling management- saving befits at least

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   According to the AQSIQ Web site news, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources and AQSIQ jointly developed by the Organization "water efficiency labeling management approach" release, will be implemented from March 1, 2018. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of water efficiency labeling system will achieve an annual saving benefits of at least 6 billion cubic meters of water equivalent to more than 12 billion yuan. Water efficiency labeling system implementation will promote the Chinese products end water efficiency and water quality improvement.

   February 21, Chuxiong Yongren with "drip" technique olive growing drought and grapes, the plant roots directly into the water conduit of water to save water. It is understood that due to successive years of drought, the local changes in production patterns, emerging planted thousands of acres of olive and grapes and other drought-resistant crops. These drought-tolerant crops a year can save more than 200 Articles in water, water-saving rate of 70%. Chuxiong is suffering from five consecutive years of drought, with varying degrees of water problems occur in many villages. The picture shows the grapes grown in drip irrigation technology. March, Ren Dongshe

   Water efficiency labeling China Institute of Standardization authorization record management means to the relevant parties, water efficiency identification information tag attached to the product water, the water used to represent the efficiency rating of the product, water consumption and other performance indicators, water efficiency rating, water consumption and other performance indicators are based on national standards testing mandatory water efficiency related products determined. Chinas current product water efficiency standards system, water-efficient products are generally divided into grade 3 or 5, in which the least water-efficient water consumption level 1, the highest water efficiency, level 3 or level 5 is the product of water-efficient market access for value . Premise evaluation of water-efficient products, the product is required to meet quality standards. Water efficiency labeling will provide consumers with clear, effective product water efficiency information to guide consumers to choose efficient and water-saving products.

   water efficiency labeling system is an important market for terminal management system to enhance the level of water and water efficiency products, in order to improve water efficiency as the core product, promote product quality improvement of a management regime. According to "Rules", water efficiency labeling system will take business self-declaration, water efficiency labeling for the record, market supervision and inspection of the implementation model to guide enterprises to minimize the social cost-saving technological innovation, promote efficient water-saving products, improve water market The overall water efficiency level. Establishing water efficiency labeling system, will lead the development of water-saving technologies, encourage enterprises to improve the overall quality water products, water-saving industry market norms, plays a positive role in promoting supply-side reforms.

   It is reported that China implement energy efficiency labeling system for 12 years, has covered five major categories of 35 products, made nearly 1.8 billion affixed energy efficiency labeling of appliances, lighting products, nearly ten billion, about two hundred million sets of office equipment, more than ten million Taiwanese equipment marketed results, provides an important reference for consumers purchasing decisions. Energy efficiency labeling 12-year cumulative festival brought more than 440 billion kwh of electricity, social and economic benefits. As water production and consumption country, China toilet annual output of over 40 million, the annual output of 150 million faucets, washing machines annual output of about 32 million units, drip tape annual production of 2.5 million meters.

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