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Water purification agents to join misunderstanding wh- do yo

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water purifier Agent misunderstanding what? Now use water purifiers and other water purification equipment has become the choice of many families, which attracted many entrepreneurs to invest striving to have played a water purification agents franchisee. But also pay attention to avoid some of the cognitive errors, the following together under the bar.




Myth one: not only the pursuit of low-cost quality-conscious


venture, for profit from franchisees for water purification agents, the pursuit! price guarantee profits is nothing wrong, but only if blindly thinking about cheap cheap while ignoring more important factor - product quality, it might lead to poor product quality due to poor customer reputation and ultimately affect their sales market. Water purification agents to join misunderstanding what


Myth: The more expensive the better, superstition big


It is undeniable that there are a large number of people have such "expensive is good!" psychological. So, some water purification agents to join the Chamber of Commerce from the users consumer psychology, without considering local conditions and their own reality, select the agent more expensive big brand to join the agency. However, in some three or four lines in urban areas, if a high-tech and not necessarily how ordinary household water purifiers sell Tai thousands even tens of thousands, sales can go up it?


The answer is displayed less optimistic. Indeed, some users do not care about the price level, but the water purifier is not a luxury, its sold to the general public is more crowd. Therefore, water purification agents franchisee must be a comprehensive measure of the level of consumption of local residents, while reasonably priced choice of excellent product quality brand.


Myth: ignore the brand of professional


along with the water purifier "cake market" increasingly hot in recent years, many large home appliance brands have also set foot in the water purification industry. But in fact, some large appliance brands produced by the water purification products and no production line, but mostly foundries OEM. At the same time, these big brands of home appliances, water purifier not only their core business, and thus put resources and effort it may be more limited.


Marco Polo commitment to new technology and new product development, with a number of new patented technologies, product appearance and structure of the patent, pay attention to the product of the combination of art and technology, in the pursuit of water purifier brand features, design create a more user-friendly products, more in line withModern aesthetic products.

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