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News Week Inventory- China Water Purifier Network Ten hot ne

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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, the yuan or the opportunity to sell water purification won the first battle, the second phase is about to carry out hot; Hubei Huanggang City Huangzhou love Guy water purifier office grand opening. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (0725--. 07 31, 2009) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   per liter of water purification chance to sell two won the first battle is about to carry out hot

   Recently, the yuan or the first phase of the summer marketing activities will be successfully concluded. The event will sell coke in Rugao moved by the town to carry out harbor village, summer is also the yuan rise will be the first stop marketing activities of the pilot. It is understood that sales will start from July 21, lasted five days, it will sell the event was a complete success. Under the yuan or professional marketing team Trader, will sell extremely strong field, the scene turnover exceeded 100 units, once again witnessed the maturity and success per liter model professional marketing team operation of the market, while also allowing the yuan to appreciate the local villagers liter brand the strength and influence. [Click for more]

   Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Seoul love good water purifier office grand opening

   love Guy continued good news in the Netherlands melodious rhyme July. At the same time excellent quality water purification products to win market reputation, also won numerous franchisees alike to love Guy brand. Recently, Seoul love good water purifier office grand opening. Site water purifier sales in full swing, get rid of the thick warmth of summer scorching sun. During the pre-opening, love good Seoul headquarters for all aspects of water purification expertise in training, materials, decoration and other inputs to support the strong support. [Click for more]

   Victor water purifier manufacturers to build Chinas benchmark brand

   In todays era of the brand, the consumer brand value, making the water purifier manufacturers in the fierce market competition, brand becomes critical. Water purifier manufacturers in order to be able to continue development in the industry, bigger and stronger, necessarily requires a benchmark for the role of leadership and the brand has. Market rules has always been survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest. This new trend in the past, some companies will inevitably become the passer, able to seize the opportunity to seize market share companies must come up with marketing ideas and marketing methods in order to better adapt to the market come to the fore. [Click for more]

   RongshidaWater purifier New listing and marketing model 3T training will be perfect ending

   July 19-20, Rongshida water purifier high-end 3T new conference and training session held a grand marketing model, more than a hundred participants from all over the country went Rongshida water industry companies to study, learn new high-end properties, field trips, the scale of production and R & D capabilities, and the combat training 3T innovative marketing model. Rongshida adhere artisan spirit, cohesion innovation research strength, shock launch "Lin Jin" "Silver" two high-end kitchen drinking straight to competitive differentiation power terminal occupy the market. [Click for more]

   Four Seasons song Mu water purifier affordable family healthy choice

   Now, in the slowdown in economic growth environment, the appliance industry trend of weak competition in the market water purifier and more intense. Many water purifier brand in order to survive and develop, at the price of reducing its water purifier, playing the price war. Water industry face severe price pressure and market test, domestic water purifier brand leader in the Four Seasons song Mu brand has always believed that quality is the foundation of survival, brand development characteristics is the last word. [Click for more]

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