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Remember purifier companies blindly follow the trend fought

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   As the Internet revolution, micro-channel applications with other business areas of "binding" more and more, micro-channel marketing approach but also by the majority of firms. In the water purification industry, many companies have begun to have launched a micro-channel public number. However, companies fought micro-channel platform, and whether there is to think about why do micro-channel marketing? Or because other companies are doing micro-channel marketing, have to follow suit? In fact, there are many micro-channel marketing doorways and skills are required water purifier business to learn.


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water purifier business in mind blindly follow the trend fought micro-channel platform skills

   First, the promotion of skills

   used to play micro-letter friends who know for sure are carried out automatically push the message of our concern to many platforms, keeping in mind the contents of a push message not with a strong purpose, otherwise it will backfire. For example, a paragraph to sell directly to fans water purification products, this type of information will make fans disgusted, over time will cause them to unfollow you. Wise water purifier business is the fans when friends, relatives, from time to time to send some greetings or holiday greetings everyday, or set up some games participatory by directory guidelines (ie, "replies XX, participate in activities" like guide), so that fans actively involved. This will attract more fans.

   Second, the quality of content

   water purifier enterprises should be analyzed according to the fans data micro-channel suitable for fans to accept the contents of the content information can not be too limited to Gesanchaiwu replace some fans concern content, so that it can continue to attract the attention of fans. The net effect of micro-channel marketing is to let fans rely on our water purifier enterprises, so as to obtain the water purifier business transformation between the interests, so the content of micro-channel, we must carefully choose the job.

   Third, the positive energy spread brand

   A good brand circles in the micro channel must have a lot of discussion, the single sun, it can be obtained by sending fans share a prize manner. For example: in their own micro-channel single sun, after a review shots to get the prize, these sun single micro-channel can be forwarded to the official micro letter to demonstrate how products are sold. Brand new single pre unmanned sun when you can share with a large Reds.

   Fourth, the security identification brand

   Each of us has an identity authentication identity is, everyone is different. Product authentication is actually a respect for the original product, the recognition of intellectual property rights. Water purifier products also have a certification. Certification of this phenomenon is not new, used in a variety of industries, such as mobile phones, food, cars and so on. Water purification industry also need to have to take two-dimensional code recognition method, this recognition once the water purification industry will use more standardized, prevent the emergence of a number of fake and shoddy products, the protection of the interests of consumers. But also to ensure the uniqueness of the original product, water purifier will help to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises original design.

   For now, micro-channel marketing is the biggest problem, "the letter harassment." After a lot of brands do micro-channel marketing, mistakenly believe that micro-channel is used to push information, often brand micro-channel account issued by the micro-channel marketing content is worthless advertising information, user fatigue for such information, the user is no longer possible click on micro-channel link. Serious, some users even deletes brand micro-channel account, damage to brand image.

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