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US commercial water purification bring a full range of w puf

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   May 22, Asias largest HVAC industry exhibition event - China International Exhibition HVAC Heating kicked off in China International Exhibition Center. It is reported that this exhibition has attracted more than 1,500 associated business units from China, Germany, Italy and other countries and regions participating. Among them, the United States to bring "whole-house central heating hot water ecosystems" as well as its boiler, water heaters, commercial water purification and other exciting debut for the audience presents a blend of technology and design quality of life feast.


   US commercial net long scene full range of solutions drinking water needs of the user

   In terms of commercial water purification, the United States live shows have split a large reverse osmosis water purification equipment , small and medium business end machine with water and drink straight single point of commercial solutions, products and solutions with visual presentation, to meet the different needs of different places.



   US commercial drink straight R40 is undoubtedly the most popular products, cold cathode UV light disinfection, purely physical treatment over-flow UV sterilization technology, to ensure water safety; mechanical keys, smart displays, which show humanization; 400G large flux RO membrane, tank 10L, 30L large heat lamps, many people take water without waiting, ready to meet the user to ensure that the demand for water.



   sharing economy has become a force to be reckoned with. Many industries are trying to introduce shared mode, re-activation of the adjustment of industrial chain, to seize a larger market, the water industry is no exception. The US net provider with leading technology strength and improve the service capacity, the United States took the lead and build industry-leading innovation sharing purification mode.

   Currently, the service is already widely used system in the field of office buildings, education, healthcare, rail transportation, hotel and catering.

   the whole house central hot water heating system defines high-end eco-life

   In addition, the site also Americas "whole house water purification central heating hot water ecosystem" of the show, the program posted UN- daily habits, from the actual needs of each Chinese family, the uniqueness of the overall design, a comprehensive upgrade the overall comfort of home appliances and energy-saving experience, so as to enhance the quality of life of consumers.


   At present, the United States full house central heating hot water ecosystem "has covered electric water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heater, electric boiler, gas boiler, the whole house water purification and commercial water purification and other products, can not fully meet the needs of the region, different types of users.


   Insiders pointed out that modern mass consumption concept changed the whole house is going on, past the base and consumption has been the quality and enjoyment of changes in consumption, the United States first proposed " the concept central hot water heating ecosystem ", not only to build a more modern family safe and convenient one-stop solution, but also to meet the real needs of consumers for home appliances and high-end quality of life, redefining the high quality of life the way.

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