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Water purifier store sales dealboss extension to do thiwork

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The day before yesterday, House had released again postponed the store open for business notice to 22 February (month 29), many dealers saying: February performance completely finished!

   Also yesterday, the constant circle of friends was drying out somewhere factory has been asked not to return to work before March 1 news. For a time, the circle of friends, micro-channel group broke down the pot, strong negative emotions, furniture manufacturers devastated. As a furniture dealer, I think you are the least qualified to "complain" is. If if you feel pain, can only prove that you face the epidemic, you planned it to be "not as." Furniture market demand has not decreased, but was temporarily suppress it.

   today writing this article is not to criticize if you would like to write something, I hope you can take action, to do something.


   In the period before the store was not officially open for business, dealers should do something about it?

   First, the dealer boss to give employees clear: before the store was not officially open for business you do not give money to, how to?

   store performance come from?

   of course, from the employee.

   If you do not put this issue clear, anti-epidemic employees working from home, she does not care whether your performance results and just. In particular, there is a "do not go to work not to pay the" traditional stores, the staff will not take the initiative to go to work.

   In my experience, I recommend at 2--3 months, dealers boss implementation of the "minimum income guarantee system" for staff salaries.

   What is the system of income security at the end of it?

   minimum income guarantee system refers to the store owner to minimum income guarantee a minimum commitment of employees within a certain period of time. If the employee is calculated in accordance with existing stores in salary evaluation system, her salary incomes below the minimum income guarantee commitments boss, then boss minimum guarantee income in accordance with its commitment to open to employees wages; if the employee salary is calculated in accordance with the existing assessment criteria, their income exceeds the minimum guarantee income criteria, then open computing standards of wages in accordance with the employees salary.

   If the boss gives the staff of such a commitment, then the employees heart stabilized. Such a commitment will be the boss in exchange for a right. What right

   boss in exchange for it?

   boss in exchange for the employee does not work, But also the right to go to work. That boss gave people mentioned requirements, employees have an obligation to shop and go. And the staff will be happy to get there.


   because employees feel that my boss earned money ah!

   If the boss is not clear commitment before the employee has no formal work, the boss asked the staff to do this, which is dry, there will be staff complain psychology, there will be resentment.

   See here, you may ask the boss, the monthly base income how far do we do?

   In this regard, I really have a standard: monthly base income = same position 梅 same job the number of income and employees all employees 梅 12 months

   In addition to remind all distributors, If you plant upstream of the promised wages assume you store, you want to combine your income and security at the end of this factory bear the wage component used together. Do remember, do not assume because the factory wages you store employee, and it upset your original salary evaluation system, especially when you bear factory stores wages higher than income when you store employee. (Factory may be introduced across the board nationwide dealer stores nationwide bear a fixed amount of wages policy, such as wages bear the standard of Purchasing Guide is 3,000 yuan / month)

   If you are not properly handled, perhaps because you store plant bear you a month wages lead to higher wages you need to store all your staff positions. Remember, remember.

   dealers to tell employees: Before not officially open for business, each employee a specific job to do the work

   a dealer to figure out your factories upstream on how to carry out the dealer stores there is no work schedule system.

   Many factories face the epidemic, the terminal stores can not open on schedule, have made the corresponding how to deal with deployment. If the plant has deployed, the dealer might priority unified plan to work in the factory.

   For example, TATA to start planning doors from the New Years online "Video gatekeeper" activity. In its micro-channel public number with the line "Video Option door" approach, TATA doors stable existing customer base and attract more traffic, active accumulator force after the end of the epidemic. People go to work five days in advance. During the fifth day of the tenth line to the total turnover of 6015 alone, only ten New Year day TATA doors2371 single line on a deal.

   If the plant during this time "not as" without any deployment, then the dealer will do their planning how to carry out the work.

   2, dealers have to figure out the face of the epidemic, where you store the property management side has any specific countermeasures on how to deal with the epidemic, which then decide how to do it yourself.

   For example, Shandong Ginza home Mall provides an online reservation service for its products business. Each households Ginza store has an online store, consumers can scan the code into the mall to buy products, book in advance. Dealers can store online mall to work as a tool for employees to use their own stores, ahead of target customers own stores.


   3. If neither the dealer With factories, stores can not help, then the only "self-reliance" was.

   how can we do it?

   Here, I simply comb, you can try to do a plan, to arrange an orderly staff work.

   鈶?use their stores micro-channel public number, do store the product details page for the store staff to promote home-acquisition, deal to do "product" ready.

   If you do not have public numbers, then a registered, registration is free. Specific details of this page how to do it? Please refer to the article: Purchasing Guide a trick of the brain to solve the problem do not understand the product, complete liberation Purchasing Guide.

   we do pay attention to the details page when you can give your plant based on a single product discount efforts in the epidemic, the price of doing promotional products to attract customers to the next.

   what to do about the specific content of the product details page should include, we can go home plate major electricity supplier platform brands flagship store look.

   鈶?organize customer case has been traded for marketing "sun Case" make the necessary preparations.

   Now store staff is common practice in the circle of friends and pictures micro-channel circle hair products, this practice has become a basic operation of the industry. Photos alone has been unable to attract the attention of your target customers. Target customers can have a greater attraction is a content structure: position (Case case where the background, community name, familyType + + design renderings real shot renderings + + owners actually spend the amount of money the owners of evaluation). This requires our employees to be the case when the sun reflected in the above information. He said the tall point is that youre in the sun case is the need to put in some effort to do pondering copywriting.

   For example, after you finish the clients case, released to the public micro-channel number on top of the store, you do not pursue how high the amount of reading. Your goal is to find the owner relevant to this case by this case. As long as the relevant owners believe it. This can also be said to be accurate and grass against one target residential property owners.

   Here I explain a few owners that the interest in case you post, because the information you publish "related to me", otherwise, the owner is not interested. Based on this, the case where the cell name and family to play a key role, that is to reflect the local community and the family name in the case. This is critical. We do such cases prepare for the next promotion precise prepare, not asking for more people to see, but to make the case about the target customers and see. I often see dealers plagiarism case someone else to do off-site promotion, frankly, doing so has little significance. Because the case local owners are not interested in the field, because of this case and the local owners have no direct or indirect contact.

   may be many furniture dealers say, we are doing the finished furniture, we do not design, renderings we simply do not get out. For us, this is very difficult. The way you say it is difficult to operate. Are we not a shop but also with several designers? In that case, it would not increase labor costs us a lot?

   indeed, many furniture stores do not have this ability. But that is the direction of the store should work. As the technology matures, many design software abnormal operation simple. As long as the store employees to learn patience for some time, can grasp the basic design operations, store employees can make the satisfaction of the Owner design renderings out.

   鈶?sort has been traded old customers, old customers seeking to fill orders and referrals. The key reason

   to guide customers deal: First, the epidemic at the factory gave us a deadline of product discounts policy, this time under more favorable single product; Second, the plant return to work postponed, and now can not be determined, sources affirmed nervous, moreAs early as the next single, the more early receipt of goods. Reasons for referral in accordance with the previous operation on it.

   鈶?qualified dealers can do "live event with a cargo of" micro-channel group and spike activity.

   What do conditional dealer? Here refers to the relatively large size of the store, more staff, more full with all kinds of talents, such as a designer, there are Planning Commissioner, there is a new media operators editing talent. If you are a traditional shopkeeper, I suggest you not to follow others to open with a cargo of live, play vibrato, deft play. During this time, you will get down to the good work 鈶犫憽鈶?on it. Lest you waste of resources, more harm than good.

   鈶?use this time, stores are full training about internal strength, full learning.

   To sum up, as to a specific one dealer, how do you plan to work, the specific requirements of your employees how to do it, you still have to refine, I just made you a simple task comb it.

   need to remind you that, in the more difficult times, the more do their own good. Now, the face of the epidemic, a variety of training, ways to work from home, Professor of overwhelming coming to you, you have to distinguish what their own, which is not suitable for them. Lest they have been cut chives.

   (Source: furniture industry Trader, invasion deleted)

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