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Stainless steel cup moldy it

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   stainless steel cups, be sure to pay attention to timely clean, otherwise it will result in a stainless steel cup mold, there will be a lot of dirt will affect the health of the body.




Kobayashi has a stainless steel cup is very beautiful, put it down, to drink water all day long, but the recent discovery of a stainless steel cup will be moldy phenomenon, the stainless steel cup will mold it? stainless steel cup for some time to use them, will produce rust phenomenon, then this phenomenon is how to do it! this stainless steel cup to drink water, be sure to pay attention to clean, if not promptly cleaned easily cause stainless steel cup some bacteria, below, to find out more about, knowledge of the stainless steel cup.


When the stainless steel tube surface appear brown rust (point), people great surprise: that "Stainless steel does not rust, rust is not stainless steel, the steel may be a problem." In fact, this is a one-sided view of the error on a lack of understanding of stainless steel. Stainless steel will rust under certain conditions of.


The first stainless steel surface deposits accumulating the dust containing other metals or heterogeneous metal particles in humid air, the condensed water and the attachments between the stainless steel, the two together into a micro battery, causing the electrochemical reaction, the protective film is damaged, known that the electrochemical corrosion.


The second stainless steel surface corrosion adhesion organic juice (such as vegetables, soup, sputum, etc.), water in the case of oxygen, constituting the organic acid, organic acids long is to the metal surface.


The third stainless steel surface adhesion containing an acid, alkali, salts (such as wall decoration alkaline, lime splash), causing localized corrosion.


IV. In air pollution (e.g., containing a large amount of sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide atmosphere), the case of the condensate, to form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid solution point, causing chemical corrosion.


or more of these cases will directly affect the stainless steel cup, so it will cause some corrosion of the stainless steel cup directly, in order to make the stainless steel cup better to play a role, the surface will be more beautiful It will not corrode, we should pay more attention in the usual life, be able to carry out maintenance on the stainless steel cup. The process of using stainless steel cups, to timelyCleaning and wiping, which can remove the attachment surface, eliminate adverse external factors, content knowledge about drinking small family, you can log in.




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