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Recycling wastewater- straight drinkg r for residents tail v

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between Purple City Garden Building 3-4, it has more of a "new friend" is a new water treatment plant with tail straight drinking fountains, in addition to the pay for drinking water residents also free to take on the machine irrigation tail water as domestic water.


After the tail water is purified of excess water other than water of drinking water. Reports that the production of one liter drinking water almost to the end produce nearly three liters of water at the same time. Purifying filter device alone is still difficult, and now Beijing only a few require the installation of drinking fountains, and water treatment devices must be accompanied by the tail. Reporter cell on partially around the circle, only to find such a dispenser having a straight tail water treatment apparatus.


Such water can be used for cleaning and irrigation. Reporters consulted the machine responsible for the company, officials told reporters, past the machines are directly tail water discharge, but with this tail water treatment machines, in the course of the residents take water directly on the tail water revenue separate storage location, while residents can pick out the right side of the machine to take the tail water outlet, for the first pass of fruits and vegetables daily cleaning, sanitation or clean the house, can also be used to wash clothes, wash.


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