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Product Watch- whether to replace drinking water purifi

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"We have for many years did not drink the tap water, bottled water at the same time feel too much trouble, so long ago it installed a water purifier." I do not know you have not noticed such a phenomenon: everyday life , a water purifier before a lot more people than the more people use drinking fountains. Some friends many times the tank-type water purifier mistaken for drinking, silly you could not tell. Here the water is easy to explain to you whether or not both the similarities and differences will replace drinking fountains and water purifier.


and drinking water purifier in common:


1 function have similarities. In fact, the primary drinking water purifier stealth, why do I say, because water dispenser generally with heating function, then boil the water can play the role of sterilization, sterilization is actually a means of purification. Although this concept is receiving all sorts of challenges.


2, substantially similar to the appearance, the housing material, similar shape, particularly box-type water purifier and closest dispenser, the dispenser box grade after processing can be transformed into a water purifier - has the function of water dispenser water purifier; water purifier after removal of the filter becomes drinking fountains.


3, water appliances belonging to the same category, and small appliances belonging to the same category, and drinking water purification with a twin sister said.


differs from the water purifier and water dispenser:


1, relative to the water purifier, water dispenser is more like a transitional product, the current water dispenser market has begun to stop growing. Water is easy to understand that, after 2007, toxic bile, water dispenser market slump, with the advancement of ideas, opinions and water desalination trend, water purifiers in 2007 after having spent the winter period, the market began to pick up, for many consumers , the dispenser water purifier to replace only a matter of time.


2, belonging to water purifier can drink after purification multifunction home appliance, purification, can be used for cooking, soup, bathing, and drinking water can only solve the problem, is the unity of product features .


3, water purification equipment belonging deep, shallow water dispenser sterilization appliance belongs. Drinking fountains only have bactericidal function, and has a water purifier filter Harmonia odor, bacteria, debris, rust and other particles filter means is more radical purification tools. As a comprehensive drinking water problem solver Qin promise water purifier manufacturers research and production of water purification products using international leading water purification technology,Can effectively filter the water of all harmful substances, including chlorine, bacteria, impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., to achieve deep purification of water resources, to achieve the effect of fresh drinking straight, so that the majority of consumers preferred brand.


4, power saving products belonging to the water purifier, ultrafiltration machine can work without pressing power, pure water is only about 35w. The fountains at every turn hundreds of watts of consumption, is a true electric mouse.


5, a water purifier mounted directly on the water pipe, without adding water tub transducer, storage-type dispenser apparatus belongs quantitative, need to stop adding water, for bucket, inconvenient to use.


6, purifier water, filtered water is fresh, i.e. made ready to drink. The drinking water to a boil, then save up, easy to produce thousands of boiling water, water quality known as stagnant water, so unsanitary health.


more than nine are building materials network share with you about the similarities and differences between water purifier and water dispenser, according to the above comparison information we can easily find, over time, drinking fountains auxiliary materials will gradually become water purification products, water dispenser in the true sense will disappear, water purifier will assume the dual function of drinking water and water purification.

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