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The net has become a thing of thSmartrend was spring cloud w

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   Recently, there is a word for everyone Watch sore point: the era when abandon you, will not even say goodbye.

   When youre immersed in the glorious past of those smug, someone has secretly force quietly went to the front. If you do not want to fall behind, do not want to be abandoned by the times, it would actively embrace change, to accept the new trend of the times.

   was the Smart has become the trend, net of the spring in order to meet future insight, set off a new wave of entrepreneurs with clean water was cloud water machine.

   March 16, an official in Changsha, Hunan started by the 2018 national water purifier brand-empty net tour organized more than a dozen companies to bring hundreds of new products Qiju Xing Wei annual Huatian Hotel, accept hundreds of areas of clean water, clean air, appliances, kitchen, building materials and other invitation, the precise buyers from neighboring cities of Changsha and observation, consultation and tests.


   Shenzhen Fountain of net corporate propaganda

   Shenzhen net of the spring to a matter cloud water machine head start, a new era of intelligent Internet Secret buyer group is HC water purification future trends under.

   the pace of development of the Internet is amazing, from the PC to the Internet prior to the year 2012, the mobile Internet beyond 2012, to the current interconnection of all things, time is only 20 years, but the business model of humanity have occurred It turned upside down. Artificial intelligence and physical networking is changing the existing business structure, entity industry usher in opportunities and challenges.


   Quan Brand, founder of the net, group general manager for corporate accounts, Mr. Feng Wei preach.

   At present, the networking technology has become a new economic growth point. As early as 2011, the Chinese networking industry scale has reached 260 billion yuan, while in 2015, the scale of the networking industry is a staggering 750 billion yuan, experts predict that in the next five to ten years, Chinese networking industry will be a huge scale over 5 trillion industry.

   and as household water purification industry in recent years, the sudden emergence of new health industry, but also by the powerful influence of networking technology, some companies have begun to try to introduce the product in the water purifier and home water purification system networking technology and began to play a role.


   Because networking technology in the home water purification field application time is relatively short, so there is a distance with respect to Europe and other countries. At present, the application of domestic enterprises in the production of household water purifier is still very superficial things, the main application in real-time monitoring, collection costs, equipment maintenance and other aspects, and did not form a complete and comprehensive solution was linked system.

   and things under the water purifier artificial intelligence-led, will make the water purifier has a more powerful functions.


   In short, artificial intelligence refers to the process of analog information on human consciousness, thinking. AI is not human intelligence, but able to think like people, may exceed human intelligence. In the appliance industry, make products smarter, allows people to use more convenient. Through the wisdom of products, so that professional intelligence products, expressed unprofessional consumer demand, in order to achieve accurate expression C2B change the direction of information exchange throughout the industry. Business model will also have the original of the leading sellers of consumer (B2C) as consumers turned to the leading sellers of C2B.

   were net of the spring cloud water machine is to teach you how to make water purification products tell the service provider, rather than telling the customer service provider.


   machine was not just a cloud water purifier, and more importantly, as a platform (platform region, cloud platform), the entire platform is based on things, products intelligent C2B platform, the use of artificial intelligence, consumer demand will take the initiative to convey to service providers.

   For example: the product needs to be repaired is required to replace the filter ---- consumer demand (expressed on behalf of intelligent products) ---- ----- sent to the cloud cloud distributed to service providers ---- - C-terminal site service providers.


   The service type of things than the traditional business model, sales model advantage: stabilized user, the line contacts, users of high viscosity, and strong fixed income.

   a good mode match on a good product, in order to play its due value.


   was net of the spring cloud water machine

   net of the spring Things smart reverse osmosis water, ultra-high configuration, using 50GGE film, 50G Delta pump, filter snap patent, Cobb, custom valve member Nanyang, The audience countertops general, one integrated waterway design, innovative structure, forming, reducing the use of joints, effectively channeling the water to avoid the traditional waterways, clogging water leakage. From the TDS value, color, turbidity and temperature of the water is monitored four dimensions, bringing more efficient, convenient and comfortable to enjoy fast-paced life. Due to the excellent innovative design, present, net of the spring was cloud water machine has won 15 national design patents.


   future has come.

   birth of a new human networking technology, water purification products to keep up with the pace of technological change have only the direction of development. Net of the spring was cloud water machine, in order to promote technological change, innovation break with tradition, will lead the water industry a new future.

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