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Women buy water purifier actually black smoke Sale- Business

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   now the rural environment is getting better and better standard of living has been greatly improved, so people began to pay attention to their quality of life. So many businesses also saw an opportunity here, so there are some businesses Gesanchaiwu drove drums and gongs of the goods to the doorstep of villagers. Most also there are good business, good faith operation to obtain a good reputation, but occasionally there are some black-hearted businessmen cheat the villagers, who lives in Sister Wang Ying Yang met the black heart of the business, in their own house to buy water purification machine actually exploded, how good water purifier explode it? Lets take a look at it:


   described by Sister Wang, Xiao Bian to carefully sorted out, as follows:

   1, original Earlier this year a group of people came to the village to sell water purifiers, was to battle the big group of people give small gifts to send masses of the people convened more and then began to sell things, is selling water purification Yushchenko machine is still on the spot to do a test, Sister Wang and the village people feel good to everyone spent more than two thousand yuan to buy a house to install, including neighboring villages bought a total of more than 20 Taiwan.

   2, two thousand yuan a water purifier wanted to plan a healthy drink and rest assured, did not think in numbers October 18, Sister Wang then go out to open water purification machines to do something, etc. she came back but frightened her, black smoke inside the house at great water also missed a house, the family still liquefier tank, thanks to the family at that time nobody wanted but otherwise the consequences could be disastrous, Sister Wang now I think of it all been scared.


   3, Sister Wang was immediately think of those people who stay there are sales calls, I did not realize always prompt a call, you dial the user has arrears down, or is the other always said you have the wrong number I do it is just the wrong number was recently always call me. Sister Wang mind that gas ah later think there is a TV news hotline, to immediately contact the reporters want to give yourself some help.


   The following is a reporter arrived on the scene coverage of relevant content:

   1, reporters rushed to the king sister at home, Sister Wang pointed to the deformation of clean water lets reporter saw the original boxy water purification machines have now been distorted not decent, not hanging below the blown plastic wire drawing, belowCover the entire side are burnt have been distorted.

   2, next door to the villagers Li Shen also said the time was also this kind of home we bought together previously on the bad and then hit sales calls can not get through, then there is no other way to spend your own store money and let people change the maintenance parts. There are other neighbors also said his home is also this kind of, dare to use too afraid If we exploded but human life event, that time is not a thousand dollars can do it. After


   3, the reporter saw the side of the water purifier has a security tag reporters it scratched surface prior official branch line group according to the above 16-bit security code query, and the result was a wrong security code, and according to this product model and article numbers have not found a corresponding product. Reporters called the top service hotline can answer the phone but it is another company of the staff, the other said they are Ou poetry Levin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., is a division Yushchenko water purifier.


   April, the reporter asked why Yushchenkos security code finding out each others customer service said only a second sweep will be wrong. Correspondents say I just scratch off the first sweep, the other said that I did not ask about it I swept. The water purifier when engaging in activities of dealers to sell more and sell online is relatively small, and now some of the specific business and I am not too well, or I believe you plus you look at micro took some pictures to me and I to higher authorities about.

   Xiao Bian want to say is:

   Now there are indeed some unscrupulous businessmen under the banner name of the service we serve the community, actually doing some deceptive things. Advise you still have to keep their eyes open is best to buy a large super inside, how to say this than Sister Wang assured, we say is not it?

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