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What to buy imported or domestically produced goohome water

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  What to buy imported or domestically produced good home water purifier

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

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in the end choose to buy imported household water purifier or domestically, everyones ideas are not the same, some people feel superior to imported water purification domestic water purifier, as well as some people think, is too expensive imported water purifiers, water purifiers or domestically relatively high cost , in fact, choose water purifiers, the most important thing is to see the technology inherent water purifier, but to buy water purifiers, we must first clarify a few issues.







First, the core of the water purifier for water purification, the water purifier is clean water core process. And according to the purification process design, it is the quality of tap water. Western developed countries tap water, better water quality itself, will be able to drink tap water faucet is opened. Their water purifier, the main need to be addressed, but secondary pollution of water supply pipes may be formed, such as rust, colloid, there is running water to remove residual disinfectant added in the production process. Therefore, the water purifier inlet purification processes are often simple, generally "+ carbon prefilter", wherein the prefilter intercept sediment, rust, and other large colloidal particles of impurities, and the activated carbon for adsorption of residual disinfectant. For foreign water quality, such a water purification process is sufficient. However, Chinas water quality is relatively much more complex. Residual toxic substances in water, organic, such as pesticides, chemical materials, disinfectants and the like; inorganic, such as heavy metals, harmful minerals (arsenic, fluorine, iron, manganese, etc.); as well as microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. Such complexity of water, imported water purifiers that a single process can not be completely cleaned, therefore, often using homemade water purifier is a combination filter. Possible because a filter can only solve a class of problems. So, from the process, the combination of domestic water purifier filter is more suitable for Chinas water quality status. Second, water purifierThe import filter water purifier in product design, process quality is indeed better than most domestic brands, the performance of the filter, it may be superior to domestic brands in the same kind of filter. Such as activated carbon filters, which may be superior to adsorption effect made of activated carbon. As a result, domestic activated carbon over 2 tons of water may need to be replaced, while imports of over 3 tons of water was in need of replacement. However, if the economic account, then import filter cartridge unit price will exceed domestic many times, some imported water purifiers, design is a one-time, we can not change the filter, with two years to throw the re-buy, this way, the use of instead, much higher than the cost of a domestic water purifier. Third, the "import" is not currently available in the market are imported, there are many fake foreign brand. Some signs of the name of imported water purifiers, in fact, in the domestic OEM, and some simply pure domestic ocean wearing a hat. So "imported" water purifier, consumer choice would mean that the addition of the loss of a large part of the thing.


In fact, whether imported or domestically produced choose, as long as their own to solve the drinking water problem is worth buying. Xiao Bian recommend you spring for water purification, around you trusted drinking water services experts, the leading open, come spring.





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