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Sense of responsibility stems from the mission of thwater pu

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   China Building Materials News: With the increasing water pollution and peoples demand for safe drinking water swelling, water purification equipment increasingly favored by consumers. Water purification livelihood event, water purification products directly related to peoples life and health, which requires water purification company did not forget the early heart in the development process, strict accountability.




sense of responsibility stems from the mission of the water purifier business development need not forget the early heart (Photo from Internet)

   attention to the protection of drinking water safety products

   [123 ] product is the ultimate goal of consumer buying behavior. As consumers of drinking water "safety valve", a significant relationship between the quality of water purification products. Strict quality control, water purification business is reflected in the most intuitive sense of responsibility. Sense of responsibility will lead to water purification companies pay attention to every aspect of production, from research and development, procurement, production, testing, packaging and logistics, checks at each level, and improve the quality system and quality control method for monitoring the implementation, which will achieve real quality at , to create a full range of excellent quality of first-class products to protect the basic rights of consumers. In addition, water purification products is unique, its use is limited by the quality of the environment. Chinese water quality research environment for different regions, different markets, different development of customized products, but also reflect the water purification company responsible, after all, even the best quality water purification products, if the consumer is not applicable water quality living environment is useless.

   regulate sales and maintain market order

   market is communication businesses and consumers a vital part of any product will flow into the market, apart from ensuring product quality, water companies respond to regulate sales practices accountable. Core Specification sales practices that "good faith" should be taken legally, in line with market rules of marketing, from the vital interests of consumers, promote authentic, open and transparent product information, while not defraud consumers, but also should be done benign competition, not malicious bidding, slander attack competitors, and so on. Where available, water companies can carry out activities "factory tour" and the like, so that consumers into the corporate R & D centers, production areas, quality inspection zone, a comprehensive witness the production and quality control processes, before buying behavior, the full enjoyment of the right to know and to supervise the product; training seminars on a regular basis, to lead the agency and intention customer site visits, in-depth understanding of, and its systematic and comprehensive marketing training, combining professional theory and practical operation of the terminal, specification sales agents behavior.

   to improve services to improve the consumer experience

   service along with consumer desire to buy into the whole process of using the product. Water purification products due to the special nature of the professional and higher demand for services, which makes the water purification business in the services but also to have a sense of responsibility. From the service framework, improve after-sales service system and processes, with improved customer service system, telephone, Internet and other online real-time advice to first time consumers get the answer to question, to achieve zero distance communication; details from the service, professional sales team to provide on-site installation and maintenance services, check the machine results in person, service outlets throughout the various regions of the country, car service, service equipment and other facilities readily available, full address consumer after the purchase and installation, maintenance and other issues, and strive to achieve fast, efficiency, consumer satisfaction, rest assured, protection of consumer rights and interests of stealth, increase consumer shopping experience.

   dedication of practicing public companies love

   water industry and peoples lives, water companies to promote their sense of responsibility to focus more on the water environment and water safety, care for the care of socially vulnerable groups drinking water situation. For example, a project initiated by disabled people with disabilities to improve the quality of drinking water for homes for the elderly, sanitation workers donated drinking water equipment. Not long ago, the mountain children difficulties in drinking water caused widespread concern, water companies take the initiative to carry out reconstruction of drinking water in poor areas of campus activities, in response to the central "precise pro-poor" policies to help children in poor areas to improve the conditions of drinking water. Large disaster relief, while little research to water quality, water purification companies of the burden of social responsibility, but also the achievements of enterprise value.

   sense of responsibility stems from the mission, to protect the safety of drinking water purification business mission will lead to shoulder the responsibility, temper Endeavor. (Source: Sina home)

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